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Your worst nightmare would be facing a flight of stairs and reaching the second floor all out of breath. Hmmm… those were the first few sentences and you feel like I know you so well, huh? Not really…but I do know what it’s like to be the fat person in the middle of that line at McDonald's. That’s a good sign right? It means you’re in good hands. This course just might be the answer to your battle with the belly bulge! So let’s get lean the lazy way!
You can’t see your feet beyond your waistline. And yes, it hurts to know that you have tripled your pounds in the last five years.
They say the first step to solving a problem is to recognize that you do have one. So congratulations, you took that first big step the moment you subscribed to this ecourse. Don’t stop yet because below are the top ten reasons why it's time to trim that tummy!
1. Exercise makes you look and FEEL younger!
Think Botox, liposuction, anti-wrinkle creams, endless sessions with the dermatologist… these are the usual, painfully expensive ways to avoid looking ancient. But there’s a better idea lurking about, especially if you throw a few punches and some jogs around the block, you just might find the perfect solution once you sweat it all out… the stress, the worries, the years off your face!
2. Exercise makes you look and feel younger, LONGER!
No use trying to look fabulous when you have only a few years left to enjoy it right? But seriously, you go to extreme lengths to project a youthful image outside. You invest in saving the few inches left of your hairline, maintaining that svelte figure by nip-tucking and injecting things to get the crow’s feet off your face. But inside, your organs are rotting away…the toxins are building up, your heart can’t even stand that trot from the mall to the parking lot. It doesn’t make sense putting out that nice facade when the inside isn’t as lovely right? So if you want to look younger and feel younger… then do it the right way, by exercising! Then, you will be able to enjoy the look and the wonderful feeling longer by adding more years to your life!
3. Exercise benefits you economy-wise!
Good health is an investment. Remember, the best form of cure for every possible sickness from tooth ache to cancer is PREVENTION. So why anticipate dying young with some preventable disease when you can start over and lead a healthier lifestyle right? Then you can save thousands of dollars on health care, maintenance medications, check-ups and rehabilitation. So work up a sweat!
4. “Fit” is always in style!
When you have curves all over instead of in the right places, you probably spend an entire hour figuring out what to wear. You have so many things to consider, like covering your thickening tummy, hiding those flabby arms or finding the right shade of gray to make you look thinner. Imagine if you were 2 sizes smaller. Imagine if you can maintain that weight too. Then you’d have fewer wardrobe fluctuations (yes dear, fad diets won’t get you anywhere). So you’d get to keep wearing classic pieces for a longer period of time. Now I’m not saying you should be waif-like or reed-thin, OK? Being fit and healthy is having the right weight recommended for your height and age and having the energy to do the activities you enjoy. Besides, fitness will never be out of fashion!
5. When you’re fit you can do more and achieve more!
Let’s face it, when you’re several pounds lighter it’s easier to run around and be all that you want to be. There are other things in life that matter just as importantly as making dollars on a chair at your office desk. Joining activities that pique your interests (sports, community projects, fund raisers) or offer a sense of relaxation can be just as rewarding. When you take care of your health and maintain a level of fitness that suits your lifestyle then you end up getting more out of life! Think about it. You will be able to enjoy those long walks on the beach with your wife, summer outings with friends or running after your grandchildren. Who knows? You might even be fit enough for bungee jumping at the age of fifty three!
6. Being fit cures your craving for confidence…
Get to stand taller wearing that gorgeous gown you’ve been gawking at  the mall’s display window. Now you will have all the guts you will ever need. I know it takes more than just a perfect-ten-figure to exude that aura of confidence that turns a pretty girl into a stunning woman. But when you become comfortable in your own body by making sure you eat right and exercise well, then you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to move that confidence level up a few notches! Chin up girl!
7. Exercise energizes the brain cells!
Now you will have fewer episodes of memory loss or brain freezing. Studies show that exercise improves mental function. It enhances your ability to think clearly, to creatively produce solutions to a problem and to offer productive ideas. When you exercise, your energy levels increase. This in turn develops more serotonin in your brain helping to improve your mental faculties. So you see? Even neurons need to exercise!
8. Fitness leaves little room for stress in your life!
When you exercise, your body produces endorphins, or feel-good substances that instantly improve your mood. It also helps you combat depression. So the thought of working out shouldn’t cause you too much worry. When you get started being fit, you will be a more adjusted and happier individual. As a bonus point, your relationship with others will improve (since you will be less irritable most of the time). You will also experience an increase in your ability to deal with everyday problems good-naturedly.
9. Exercise can foster potential social encounters!
I’m sure like most individuals, your idea of socializing would be going out for a drink with your buddies after work. How about if you spend time with your significant others (your spouse, friends or family members) doing something active instead? Why not trade a lunch date with your best friend for a game of tennis or an afternoon swim at the pool? Exercise is more enjoyable when you do it in the company of people close to you. For your exercise or fitness regimen to work, you would need ample social support. You can have the support you need by simply involving others!
10. Be fit because YOU CAN!
Is it probable that you’re getting used to being Mr. Chubby just because you feel that you can no longer go back to being that strapping young athlete in high school? Well, I’m here to remind you that it’s not yet too late. I know your most common excuse would be not having enough time to spend on an exercise plan. But do you know that all you need is 7 minutes 3 times a week to exercise? No two-hour gym sessions, none of that fuss. All you need is to recreate your day. Budget your time, use it wisely. Think of activities that can be potential workouts (I will suggest plenty of that in this course so don’t worry). It's only a matter of harnessing whatever time, equipment or setting you have available in order to produce an activity-filled day.
So remember - you don’t have to live with lard all your life, and you should get fit simply because YOU CAN! Best of all, the guidance and roadmap you need to do just that, with ease and simplicity and without sacrificing your lifestyle, is available to you today, as you will soon see!

Well, for now this concludes our jump into why you should start getting lean and healthy! I hope you enjoyed this, and I know I really enjoyed conveying all this information and insights to you. Now I’m sure this has just left you with a taste for more, and the great news is that we have lots more detail just waiting for you!
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